The Fire Bracelet


Greek series | With English subtitles

The period drama series of ERT, ‘The Fire Bracelet’ is based on the book of the same title by Beatrice Saias-Magrizou, directed by Giorgos Gkikapeppas and with the sensitive perspective of Nikos Apeiranthitis and Sofia Sotiriou.

The series features an exceptional cast, including actors such as Nikos Psarras, Elisavet Moutafi, Christos Loulis, Spyros Stamoulis, Michalis Tabakakis, Nefeli Kouri, Dimitris Arianoutsos, while the original end-title music is composed by Minos Matsas.

‘The Fire Bracelet’ through eight episodes, brings the gripping journey of a Jewish family to the small screen. It transports us to the early 20th century, a time of successive conflicts, powerful loves, and relentless… fires.


The story…

The great fire of Thessaloniki in 1917 forces the family of the Jewish businessman Moys Cohen (Nikos Psarras) to seek refuge in a Gypsy camp. There, his wife, Benouta (Elisavet Moutafi), gives birth to Joseph (Christos Loulis and Dimitris Arianoutsos at a young age), a child literally born in the fire.

Fire, which sometimes creates and sometimes destroys, seems to follow Joseph throughout his life. His family undergoes the arson of the Campbell Jewish neighborhood, his father’s bankruptcy, and his older sister, Jacqueline (Nefeli Kouri), departing from home to pursue her forbidden love with the Christian Konstantinos (Spyros Stamoulis).

World War II “burns” everything Joseph knew until then, with the tragic outcome of the family’s transfer to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Yet, through it all, there’s something that withstands it. Something that no fire manages to melt but instead makes it even stronger!

The Fire Bracelet.

A gripping story about those who lost everything but found the courage to rise again. For those who passed through the flames and emerged more alive than ever.


Everything you want to know about ‘The Fire Bracelet’:

-It’s a series with specific demands, as the eight episodes that unfold the plot span at least four decades (1917-1962).

-The filming lasted for 53 days and included multiple relocations.

Scouting took place in more than 300 interior and exterior locations, across various regions. Different types of homes from various eras and categories had to be selected (from farmhouses to neoclassical and aristocratic houses, churches, shops, railway stations, hotels, camps, factories, etc.), as well as many diverse outdoor spaces.

-Significant interventions were made in the main house of the series (535 square meters), which the production reconstructed internally with set designs and entirely furnished with period furniture.

-The series required many different transportation means. From carriages, ‘sustas’, and carts to vehicles from the 1930s and the 1960s, a 1940s truck, as well as an authentic motorcycle from the German occupation.

-Regarding costumes: Over 1,400 outfits were used. Authentic German uniforms were used for actors portraying German soldiers, and for the scenes in concentration camps, 60 suits were sewn and specially aged.

-Apart from the main cast, more than 400 supporting actors participated.


Starring: Nikos Psarras (Moys Cohen), Elisavet Moutafi (Benouta Cohen), Christos Loulis (Iosif), Alexandra Aidini (Esther), Spyros Stamoulis (Konstantinos), Nefeli Kouri (Jacqueline), Michalis Tabakakis (Ilias), Dimitris Arianoutsos (Iosif at a young age), Christina Mathioulaki (Rachel), Giorgos Ziakas (Thanasis), Nicoleta Charatzoglou (Sarina), Electra Barouta (Matilda), Gal Robisa (David), Panagiotis Xynos (Iosif as a child), and others.

Screenplay: Nikos Apeiranthitis, Sofia Sotiriou
Director: Giorgos Gkikapeppas
Original end-title music: Minos Matsas
Performed by Giannis Parios
Cinematography: Giannis Drakoularakos, Vasilis Mourikis, Dinos Machairas
Costume designer: Maria Kontodima
Set designer: Lamprini Kardara
Executive Producer: Vicky Nikolaou
Production direction: Alexandra Eustratiadi, Thanos Papadakis
Production by HYBRID COM & PRO